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Why every brand needs an ‘as seen in’ website banner

When it comes to building a website for a new brand or business, there are a few non-negotiables that jump to mind… a landing page, an ‘about us’, a ‘services’ or ‘shop’ page, & very importantly, a contact form. These are what we consider to be the building blocks for a functional website, however it doesn’t stop there. A feature that can often be overlooked is an ‘as seen in’ banner – showing off everywhere your brand has been featured. Of course, you need to invest some time & money into PR & Advertising first so that you can attract Media attention (our sister Studio, Straight Up PR can help you there!) & then, you need to brag about it – here’s why.

Publicity adds credibility

Having your brand featured in Media (especially in big titles or those that are relevant to your niche) adds credibility to your product/service – it shows prospective customers that you are reputable enough to garner attention from leading publications/digital platforms.

On a side note, if you’re wanting your brand/business to get verified on Instagram, what they look for is a certain number of reputable write ups on your brand, so that’s another reason to go hard with PR!

Building trust

When a customer (or prospective customer) visits your website, they are quick to make judgements on whether they’ve come to the right place. The first step is often looking at reviews to see what other people think about you. If you pass that test, people will click through to your website & then, you have a few seconds to make a good impression before you lose their attention.

A great way to do this is have your ‘as seen in’ banner featured high up on your homepage. If a customer sees that you’ve been featured in their favourite magazine or newspaper, they are instantly going to respect you & your offering.

Case study

Let’s look at our client, Dating with Purpose, as a case study. Dating with Purpose is a program designed by Clinical Psychologist, Christina O’Connell to help singles find their authentic other. As a new business, Christina knew she needed to lay the groundwork by firstly, building a killer website, secondly, engaging Straight Up PR to spread the word about her new program / attract attention from Media, & gradually build her ‘as seen in’ banner to reflect this.

Just beneath the introductory banner explaining what Dating with Purpose offers, you’ll spot the ‘as seen in’banner – boasting the likes of WHO Magazine, Healthy-ish, Body+Soul, Healthy-ish, Confessions of a Trainwreck, Women’s Health, Life Uncut,, POPSUGAR, 2GB – just to name a few. Instantly, Christina has earned the respect of new website visitors & has made it known that her service is highly reputable.

If you’re a new brand or business that needs help with a new website or a website refresh, or if you want to book in for a strategy session on how to build a website that converts, please get in touch with us at – we’re here to help!


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